Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga Reporting
I am Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga, medical officer assigned to the Starship Enterprise. Since I took my medical internship on Vulcan, I am an expert in Vulcan medicine, anatomy, and psychology. I have been told that I have taken on quite a few of the stoic traits from my studies, but I still like to think I have at least some human sense of humor left in me.

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I can’t get my laptop to turn on. It sounds like it is running and the power button is blinking. I can’t even get to the battery to remove it then put it back. I would have to essentially take the whole thing apart to get to it (such as removing the keyboard). Every search I’ve done has come up short. I have no idea what to do except letting it run its battery out.

If it helps, I have an Asus R510d

"What did you just call me?"



11. Dear

"I called ya dear, Geoff."  He grinned impishly and made grabby hands toward the PADD at the other doctor’s hip.  "Now be a dear an’ hand me that PADD, if you would…?"

His own PADD didn’t light up with a notification.  Brows furrowing in confusion, he shifted, turning to gaze back at his nurse.  The blonde took a quick step back, long-used to McCoy moving like his ass was on fire. “Nothing to see, Doctor.  Carry on.”

Blinking, he looked back at Geoff.  ”What did you send her?  Geoff… what’d you do?”

Christine snickered and vanished through the doorway, and he could hear the rest of the staff laughing out in the ‘Bay.  Suspicion deepened and he pushed up off the floor, ignoring his numb ass, to crawl across to where Geoff was sitting.  ”What. Did. You. Do?”

"UM. NOTHING." Geoff was an absolutely horrible liar when it came to this kind of thing. He knew that it was only moments now before it’d be too late to run. If it wasn’t already. 

"So I’m just going to go… check on the patient in bed… three. Yes." The doctor stood and tried to quickly-but-not-too-quickly leave the room. Leonard was still between him and the doorway so he attempted to nonchalantly sidestep his CMO.


He accepted the hand with an exaggerated roll of his eyes.  Unfortunately, gravity was really not his friend in his current state.  He listed awkwardly, grabbing the proffered arm with both hands to keep from going right back down to the floor.  ”Damned pockets’a gravity…”  He grumbled softly.

Once on his feet, he waved one hand imperiously and started toward the door.  Or.. in the general direction of the door.  He staggered toward it, though the wall greeted him first.  ”Can walk jus’ fine, thank ya very much..”

"Pockets of gravity. Yeah. That is clearly to blame here." Geoff braced himself when he was suddenly confronted with a little more weight upon him than expected. The doctor followed Leonard as they made their way to the door. At least until the drunk man went off course and hit the wall instead. 

"I’m sure you can. How about letting me lead before you run into anything else."

Guest: Hi I'd like to order a group meal.
Me: Great! How many people are you going to be feeding?
Guest: 65
Me: What will be the date and time of your pick up?
Guest: Today. In an hour.

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Ok I haven’t been active here for a couple of days. Allergies were bad but I also got nostalgic for some of my old blogs and WELL basically I have THOSE now also taking my time. And that’s in addition to my regular work schedule. I’m going to start doing a thread count to keep everything straight.

Sorry guys! I’m not ignoring y’all I promise!

Dad: You know what that means right?
Me: That it was the end of the roll for the machine or whatever?
Dad: No. Someone drew the short straw.

Dad: You know what that means right?

Me: That it was the end of the roll for the machine or whatever?

Dad: No. Someone drew the short straw.

I feel like my head is trying to explode from snot buildup. It’s a good thing I dont’ work today because I feel like utter crap. No drafts from me today. Sorry guys, love you <3

I did my replies from my Sarek and Amanda blog but I hit a snag here when I decided to take a break. By going onto one of my old RP blogs from a year ago. Now hours after going through it and talking to one of my best friends (who was my ship partner back then).

Welp I’m ankle deep in making another blog. A side blog, and one I imagine will just see action with my friend. But um. sorry guys!