Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga Reporting
I am Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga, medical officer assigned to the Starship Enterprise. Since I took my medical internship on Vulcan, I am an expert in Vulcan medicine, anatomy, and psychology. I have been told that I have taken on quite a few of the stoic traits from my studies, but I still like to think I have at least some human sense of humor left in me.

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"They were asked, they did not listen, they can not help. That is why we came back to you, you will help us." The tendril pressed against Geoff's forehead, then jerked back with a hiss. "Do not contact them, they can not help you." The tendril thinned, moving to the comm and flicking off the button. "You will join us again, Geoffrey, do not be afraid." The tendril returned to his forehead. "Tell your friends to leave, then you will leave. We must be saved."

"Then it is no obligation of mine to help you. Last time I… killed unnecessarily. I will never do that again. I am a healer. I would rather die myself than unnecessarily take another life again."

With the tendril returned to his forehead he sank lower so that he was now almost sitting on the floor with his back against the desk. He was fighting so hard against that whisper to give in it was almost like a physical exertion. He was starting to get sweaty palms from the fear of the touch of death about him. 

Geoff tried to turn the comm on again, desperately hoping that even if no actual message went through that just it being on might make someone curious or concerned enough to check on him. He couldn’t be alone. Not with this… thing looming over him.

"We do not know. We have felt the deaths, we have died and they are killing us. You must join with us again to stop them, you know how." A tendril of shadow snaked out of the darkness towards Geoff, stopping just short of him. "We can lead you to them, show you where they are killing us. Then we will stop them, you will show us how." A low chuckle. "After, we will keep working and keeping all the rest safe. You will do this." The tendril touched his forehead.

Geoff was still uneasy at best about the whole thing. On the one hand he understood the basic right to live as well as one’s natural inclination to self defense. But on the other hand he knew that the answer wasn’t more killing. It shouldn’t. Killing to prevent killing was still murder. He wouldn’t do it again. He wouldn’t. He didn’t have the right to pass such judgement. He was just a man.

"I don’t wish to help you. You can ask the Federation for assistance and they can help you if they are so inclined, but I will not do this."

The doctor gasped as he suddenly felt something on his forehead. It was not strictly tangible, but it was deeply set. The icy cold breath of Death itself passed over him but it was more than that. Mixed in was the warmth and wet thickness of freshly spilled blood. With it came the sense of panic and dread and the begs for mercy that were felt instead of heard. The doctor sank back, using his desk to support his weight. His elbow might have hit something but he was too focused on this fear to acknowledge it.

"It was real, it is real. We remember, even if you don't." The voice softened. "You were justice and you must be justice again. There is danger and we must help." There was a sigh, like wind in the trees. "We are more than those spores now, we remember everything that we have become. But there has been no one like you, you were the best of us and you can help stop them. They are going to kill us and we must stop them."

You were the best of us.

As much as he had disagreed with those dignitaries at the time, they never deserved to die for it. He had just been tired of war. Tired of battle. Tired of the death he saw every day as a result. But they had every right to live as anyone else, even if they were against peace. No… he couldn’t do that. Not again. Not ever again.

"Who is trying to kill you?" He would never join them again if he could help it. But if there was something bigger at play he needed to know. He needed to know what was coming. What danger was coming?

Geoff backed up to his desk and tried to discretely reach his comm. Maybe they wouldn’t notice. He doubted they wouldn’t, but he needed to try. The doctor had no idea what they were capable of doing.

You see, Dr. McCoy, you stand between me and my goal. There must be peace in the Universe, there must be a détente between the Romulans and the Federation, and eventually between the Federation and the Klingons. We have had enough bloodshed. I am tired of bloodshed. I grieve at the bleeding bodies I must deal with day after day. I am the Angel of Death, and as long as there is no peace in the Universe I must go on plying my trade. I became what I was, thinking to play the part of the Angel of Mercy, but that ironically is not so. It is only death that I see around me, and it must be ended. You stand in the way. I have no wish to take you with me; the others I did not know, they were simply impediments. But you were his friend, the one who sleeps, and he will grieve for you, and I will grieve for him. But it must be. Come, Leonard. Come with me.

Angel of Death (Death’s Angel by Kathleen Sky)

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"Not Angels, Geoffrey, The Angel." The voice grew louder. "The Angel of Death." The shadow slunk back again. "You do not remember, we thought you were lying. How could you not remember?" The voice sounded confused. "It does not matter, we will fix that when you help us. We will show you that time you were us." The shadow moved closer again. "All we need is you to join us, let us do what is necessary with your help. We will save the others."

The doctor paled immediately and took a step back. 

"No…. no it cant’ be." The usually calm M’Benga was trying his best to maintain composure, but he knew that it cracked. "But… Death’s Angel was… was the result of psionic spores. It…. it wasn’t real!" They allowed those they infected to travel great distances as they project their dreams unto their immediate surroundings. The living spores used this to distribute themselves across its homeworld. But after that away mission, they had killed those that lay in the away team, Geoff included. The medical team had no way of knowing that even dead, those things still had a potent effect. And in this case, deadly. 

It was in the wake of a peace treaty, a controversial one at that that caused the trouble. Geoff wanted peace, some Federation delegates disagreed. The stress and tension manifested in the extreme in his dreams. That combined with the dead spores allowed him to project himself as the delegates’ cultural versions of the Angel of Death and several of them had died as a result of fear, panic, or in one unfortunate case, self inflicted punishment. 

Even after much therapy he never fully forgave himself. He managed to get back into medicine, but the guilt hung over him. Some days he hardly noticed, but others it bore down on his shoulders. But this… this was different. Was he truly insane now?

I’m babysitting for a coworker. The little girl is 4 years old and I suggested we watch a movie after hours of straight playing with her barbies. Out of ALL the Disney movies they had, the movie she wanted to watch…

Gremlins. Yes THAT Gremlins.

I texted her mom for permission. Apparently she loves it. She also told me “I’ll protect you from the Gremlins.”

"You have forgotten, that is regrettable. But that will change, we will remind you of what we were." The voice turned oily. "We were the Angel and the Angel must return. There is danger here, the crew and ship need us. You will help us, Geoffrey, just as you did before." The shadow shuffled back into the darkness again. "Do not fight, you can not resist. Feel us, know that we are true. Only we can save your people. Open your mind to us, Geoffrey."

"The… Angel? Who or what are the Angels?" 

Geoff was cautious. As curious as he was and however much he wanted to help, he couldn’t help but be hesitant. Just running blindly into this was worrisome. Just doing whatever a random voice with an as-of-yet unknown source tells you isn’t exactly the soundest of game plans.

"What precisely do you want me to do? I need to know how I can so I can make sure I can get you the help you need."

"You know who we are, Geoffrey, or have you forgotten?" The silky voice spoke to him, just out of sight. "We have been with you before, a long time ago." A shuffling sound in the shadows and the voice came from behind the doctor. "You were part of us, you did what needed to be done. It must be done again, there is danger." A low chuckle. "But we saw the danger and we have come for you. Only you are able to do this."

"I was… part of you? I don’t understand."

The doctor paused for a moment before standing. He didn’t want to be rooted to his seat now that this voice had his full attention. He turned, scanning the shadows to see if he could find the source.

"I want to help if you need help. I’m a doctor. I’m sure that the Enterprise would be willing to give aid to those in need. What do you need help with?"