Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga Reporting
I am Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga, medical officer assigned to the Starship Enterprise. Since I took my medical internship on Vulcan, I am an expert in Vulcan medicine, anatomy, and psychology. I have been told that I have taken on quite a few of the stoic traits from my studies, but I still like to think I have at least some human sense of humor left in me.

M!A: None


OOC: RP blog for Geoffrey M'Benga from Star Trek TOS. Willing to RP in TOS as well as AOS or any crossovers/fandoms. I do not own Dr. M'Benga nor Star Trek. Both mun and muse are over 18. No images on this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. Tracking the tag drmbenga

//Did a thing nobody asked for.

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